Aug. 24, 2022

Tommy Siegel: A Jukebox, a Ghost and a Podcast

Tommy Siegel of Jukebox the Ghost hops on the podcast to talk about the new album "Cheers" , creating the band and how the pandemic allowed them to take their time with this album instead of feeling rushed.

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Tobin welcomes Tommy Siegel from the band Jukebox the Ghost to the show. Tommy talks about forming the band back in university, the origin of the band's name, and their new album "Cheers".

The two also discuss the crossroads of doing things you love and then really working at it to make it a career.

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Tommy SiegelProfile Photo

Tommy Siegel

Musician/ Cartoonist

Jukebox the Ghost is an American three-piece power pop band formed in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The band consists of Ben Thornewill (vocals & piano), Tommy Siegel (vocals & guitar), and Jesse Kristin (drums). The band has been active since 2006.

Tommy is also a cartoonist.