About Myself: 

Hi, I am Bryan Tobin. I am  a podcaster from Newfoundland, Canada. I was born with a disability called Sturge Weber Syndrome which caused me to have a stroke at age 11. I am still impacted by this today as I can have episodes where my leg/arm go numb for 20 minutes and then come back. Despite the circumstances I have graduated from Carleton University with a BA in Communications, Loyalist College with a Post Grad Diploma in Sports Journalism and Algonquin College with a Radio Diploma. 

Television/Radio was my passion ever since I was 16 and started watching Conan O'Brien and Saturday Night Live, don't get me wrong I loved Craig Ferguson as well and tried to combine them both with my own style when doing this podcast. I originally thought I would be a late night talk show host or sports anchor and have interned at CBC, CTV and Ottawa Sun along the way to try and meet that dream. 

However I found the media did not have a place for someone like myself or was not willing to take a chance on a person with a disability, something we still see to this day, so I created Tobin Tonight during my final year of Algonquin. I took a chance on myself because I love conversations and believed I could be successful at this and I think if given the right opportunity and having the right people give you a chance and believe in you,  you can reach your dreams and goals. 

About The Podcast:

Tobin Tonight is a podcast where Tobin (that's me) has CONVERSATIONS with his guests.   Now you may be asking  Tobin why don't you just say Interviews? That's simple  because we don't have planned questions to ask or a set limit of questions that need to be answered.  It's more laid back and easy going.  It's the Newfoundland way of doing things. 

The conversation is usually based off the guests interests, career and projects. Whether its music, acting, writing a book or being an olympic athlete, we simply chat. It's like two friends sitting down to catch up on things or even a tinder date.  It's like I know SOMETHINGS about you but not everything because if I know EVERYTHING about you, what's the point? That's basically the podcast. 

I have watched this podcast grow from a studio in a college to being able to do it from my room.  Don't let the set fool you, we get great guests. Check them out on the guest page