April 27, 2022

Andi Petrillo: The First Lady of Sports

Andi Petrillo talks about her career in sports, leaving Leafs Lunch and the first time she felt discriminated against

Tobin chats with Canadian Sportscaster, Andi Petrillo. The two talk about name pronunciation and how people can shy away from stating their true last name when they are just starting out.

Andi talks about how tough it was leaving Leafs Lunch and trying her best to slow down but admitting she is a workaholic.

Andi also opens up on the first time she ever truly felt discriminated against or excluded based on the fact she was a woman in media, it's an interesting story that I feel many can still relate to today.

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Andi Petrillo


Andi Petrillo is a Canadian sports broadcaster. She became the first-ever female member to serve on a full-time basis with the Hockey Night in Canada studio team. She has also hosted Leafs Lunch on TSN 1050.