Aug. 1, 2022

Telehope: The Super Blow Pop Episode

Tobin chats with Adolph, Ben and Calvin of Telehope on their favorite Canadian snacks, their music and what there goals are for 2022 and beyond.

Tobin welcomes Adolph Goetz and brothers Ben and Calvin Malson to the podcast. Together all three form the band Telehope, how'd they get that name? It's actually a pretty cool story but you'll have to check out the podcast to learn why or maybe just ask them.

In the episode, we find out their favorite Canadian snacks and candy they enjoy on tour, the importance of mental health, and how they deal with their own well being and we talk about BLOW POPS, sorry, sorry SUPER BLOW POPS!

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Telehope is a mix between 'telescope' and 'hope.' It means looking to the hope in the distance and drawing it near The band consists of Adolph Goetz (vocal/guitar) and brothers Ben Malson (vocals/ keyboard) and Calvin Malson (drums). The band is from Cincinnati, Ohio