Nov. 18, 2022

Sub-Radio: The 1990 Something Episode

Tobin welcomes Matt, Mike and Kyle from Sub-Radio to talk about the bands formation and using reddit to grow their audience

Tobin welcomes Matt, Mike, and Kyle from the band Sub-Radio to the show. The three members talk about the bands' formation, the name, and how Reddit helped gain their audience.

They also play a game of Random Questions and we find out which members of the band are more likely to miss a show, go crazy on social media, and have bad taste in music.

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Sub Radio


Sub-Radio is an American pop band based in Washington, D.C. Guitarist Matt Prodanovich started the band in 2009 while still in high school in Sterling, Virginia, but the band did not formally release music until 2016.
Sub-Radio's sound has been described as "infectious, bright pop," and “tailor-made for festival sing-alongs.” Their music has been compared to that of The Killers, The Aces and Panic At the Disco.