April 6, 2022

Shane Marriott: Sticks and Stones

Shane Marriott talks about getting the role of Sticks on "The Porters" , getting into acting at a young age, staying Humble and his thoughts on the Lebron/Kobe/Jordan debate.

Tobin chats with Canadian actor, Shane Marriott on his role in the CBC show, "The Porters", his early love of acting, and being grounded and humble.

Shane talks about the impact Will Smith had on his life and his love of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and how he is finding the new show Bel-Air. We also discuss black history in Canada and the importance of porter men to our history and we finish it off with a classic Jordan/Kobe/Lebron Debate.

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Shane Marriott


Shane Marriott is a Canadian actor, known for Reacher (2022), Children Ruin Everything (2022), CBC's The Porters (2022) and Titans (2018).