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Sept. 1, 2021

Sarah Wickett: Shoutout to the Momma's Boys

Tobin welcomes back Sarah Wickett to the show.  It has been roughly over a year since we last chatted with Sarah,  how has she handled COVID, what has she been doing to keep busy? How about releasing new music? 

Glad you asked as Sarah talks about her new song and music video for Momma's Boy, how she edited the video herself, and how she is learning Punjabi.   She also tells a funny sea doo story and how she once was a celebrity chaser.  

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Sarah Wickett Profile Photo

Sarah Wickett


Sarah Wickett, was raised in Beaverton, Ontario. Her time spent, hunting, fishing, and watching sunsets on the water was intertwined with a distinctly musical upbringing, surrounded by a family who shared her passion. Her small-town roots inspired her songwriting as she was growing up, while artists like Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera helped to shape her sound and feed her creativity