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May 12, 2021

Rosemary Lawton: A Blank Canvas

  Tobin chats with Rosemary Lawton.  We are still focusing on the East Coast Specials as news hit the ECMA's were postponed to a later date in June.  That being said, Rosemary talks about the ECMA Awards and what she will be doing for the show, how she got into playing the fiddle, the importance of women in music and she talks about what she has been doing during COVID.  We also have an interesting conversation relating to extroverts and introverts.  So why not check it out. 

Rosemary Lawton Profile Photo

Rosemary Lawton


Rosemary is a multi-award-nominated Newfoundland traditional artist, with formal training in classical violin and a degree in Music Education. She is a passionate advocate of women’s issues and champions the advancement of women in the music industry through her work.

Rosemary is helping to preserve Newfoundland’s rich tradition by collecting, recording, and performing Newfoundland traditional music.

Her music is a hybrid of both classical and traditional genres. There is an underlying hint of classical influence in her unique arrangements of both traditional songs and her original compositions. Her voice is reminiscent of the high soprano Celtic singing of Ireland but with a punch