Jan. 12, 2023

Madison Olds: New Year, New Nice Guys

Madison Olds joins the podcast to talk about New Year Resoloutions, growing up on Disney/Nick and play some random questions.

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Tobin welcomes singer-songwriter, Madison Olds back to the podcast. Madison and I talk about New Year Resolutions, are they good or just a way to set yourself up for failure? We also talk about the Disney/Nick shows we grew up on and the entertainment industry as a whole.

We clue up the episode with a game of random questions, so if you ever wanted to know What Madison's favorite candy is or What she looks for in a friend, or What the last thing she bought was, well you are in luck because we cover that.

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Madison Olds


Madison Olds is a Canadian pop artist, with more than 500k followers on social media. Madison Olds' release, "Cliché of Falling in Love" lead into her EP, "Drowning in My Thoughts, that launched July 02, 2021, with 1.7 M streams. Recent winner of Bell Media’s “Future Star” radio program (Dec - Jan '21) ; Madison’s radio hit “Best Part of Me” reached the top 30 of several Mediabase and Billboard charts including #22 on Billboard’s Emerging Canadian Artist chart.