May 18, 2022

Lily Vakili: Walking Sideways

Lily Vakili talks about her new album "Walking Sidways" , having a child with autism and why she also chose a career as being a lwayer.

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Advocate, Lawyer, and Musician, Lily Vakili wears many different hats (if she decided to wear a hat that is). In this episode, Lily talks about how her fascination with words and how it lead to her having a career as a Lawyer, her interest in music and creating a band and having a child with autism, and the importance of having a good support system.

Lily talks about her new album, "Walking Sideways" and how one friend set a very high bar for the acts she compared it to. We also have some fun debating COVER songs and whether artists should do them, and if they choose to, what is the bar?

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Lily VakiliProfile Photo

Lily Vakili

Musician/ Lawyer/ Advocate

Lily Vakili is the lead singer of the Lily Vakili band. She is also a Lawyer and an Advocate for Autism/Disability.