April 21, 2021

Laura Walker: Crock on the Rock

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   Tobin checks in on Canadian Curler, Laura Walker.  How is she handling being in the Curling Bubble with her Husband and newborn?  How is she keeping busy?  Has she binged watched any new shows? 

     We also have some serious conversations involving Curling for the basic of fans like myself,  questions like, how does one even get involved in curling or hear about it? How do you create a team?  How do you become as great as Laura Walker? 

    Laura also has some fun explaining her choice of mixed doubles partners, and what she still wants to accomplish, and has some advice for curling fans, simply just let them curl.  

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Laura WalkerProfile Photo

Laura Walker


Laura Walker is a Canadian curler from Edmonton, Alberta. She is a two-time Canadian University champion, a national junior champion, world junior silver medallist and world mixed doubles bronze medallist. Walker is originally from Scarborough, Ontario.