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July 7, 2021

Kailey Nicole: The Tom Brady Effect to Music

   Tobin welcomes Kailey Nicole to the show.  Kailey talks about how she got her interest in music, her acting background and gives a really indepth comparsion of music and football using Tom Brady (hence the name of the episode)

  Kailey also talks about her song/video for "Aim A Little Higher", her love of Hilary Duff, and the double-edge sword that is social media.  It's a fun bubbly interview that clues up with a game of Firsts, so why not check it all out! 


Kailey Nicole Profile Photo

Kailey Nicole


Kailey Nicole is a country music artist based in Nashville, TN and Los Angeles, California . She got her professional start singing and acting in theatre when she was just nine years old. She’s worked in film, TV, voice-over, and stage, which has enriched her recording career. Above all, Kailey’s passion lies with storytelling. She made her first mark on the music scene at 16 years old, with her first EP, Nashville Stick-Up (Fervor Records). The EP, and accompanying video for the title track, were well received by critics, seeing Nicole as someone who sang like an old soul at a young age.