June 8, 2021


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   In this unedited/ cut from LIVE Recording, Tobin is joined by a few Newfoundland artists who were recently on the podcast to promote their music and the upcoming East Coast Music Awards. 

   We gathered them all together to chat about the music scene in Newfoundland, the importance of having a supportive community, and being a part of the MusicNL family.  

   It's just a fun conversation PRE -ECMA's.   It's like the Friends Reunion but with Newfoundland Musicians. 

Check It Out Here




Rachel CousinsProfile Photo

Rachel Cousins


Rachel Cousins is a singer-songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada. She made her debut in her teens with guitar based, folk-esque original songs written with legends on her home base of Newfoundland. Her songs continue to place on a top 100 East Coast music list. In 2020 two songs were included, one at #2 and one at #12.

Rosemary LawtonProfile Photo

Rosemary Lawton


Rosemary is a multi-award-nominated Newfoundland traditional artist, with formal training in classical violin and a degree in Music Education. She is a passionate advocate of women’s issues and champions the advancement of women in the music industry through her work.

Rosemary is helping to preserve Newfoundland’s rich tradition by collecting, recording, and performing Newfoundland traditional music.

Her music is a hybrid of both classical and traditional genres. There is an underlying hint of classical influence in her unique arrangements of both traditional songs and her original compositions. Her voice is reminiscent of the high soprano Celtic singing of Ireland but with a punch

Ian FosterProfile Photo

Ian Foster


Ian Foster is a singer-songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada . Modern folk wrapped in Canadiana, Ian’s writing style belies a love of history, home, and the humble tale. CBC’s Bob Mersereau described him as being “a fine example of what a 21st-century folk performer should be doing.”

AbigaleProfile Photo



Abigale is a singer-songwriter from Hodge’s Cove, Newfoundland, with a population of 200. Performing at every event in town, writing songs, and singing harmonies with little sister Jordyn. Weekends are filled with traveling to St. John’s. She has been part of Young Folk At the Hall, the Newfoundland Folk Festival, the Harbourfront Concert Series, and Sing Nl. Abigale’s life is a family affair loading into the truck for long drives in unpredictable weather

Mallory JohnsonProfile Photo

Mallory Johnson


Mallory Johnson is a siner-songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada. Mallory is a 2017 ccma spotlight winner and has sharing stages with artists like Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Rascal Flatts, and Blake Shelton to name a few.

In May of 2018, Mallory released her debut self-titled ep which earned her the 2019 ECMA for the country recording of the year and 3 musicnl nominations for Country Artist, rising star and female artist of the year.

Quote the RavenProfile Photo

Quote the Raven


Quote the Raven are a Newfoundland duo consisting of Jordan Coaker and Kirsten Rodden- Clarke. The Duo marry smooth vocal harmonies with an, at times, haunting aesthetic that both bewitches and allures the listener. They draw influence from the likes of Joy Williams (Civil Wars), Brandi Carlile, and The Milk Carton Kids. The pair entertain audiences with their quirky, quick wit dynamic that glimpses into the daily lives of touring musicians.

They have won Music Newfoundland & Labrador’s 2019 Group of the Year, and Music Newfoundland and Labrador's 2021 Group and Folk/Roots artist of the year.