Sept. 14, 2022

Broadtree: The YOMMCIG Episode

Nicole McCafferty and Armand Antony of Broadtree talk about their new song "You Only Miss Me Cause I'm Gone" and what they have been doing the past year

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Tobin welcomes back Nicole and Armand of the Canadian Country Duo, Broadtree. The three picked right back up where they left off a year ago talking about the changes a year can bring and Broadtree's latest song "You Only Miss Me Cause I'm Gone".

Nicole and Armand open up about the lessons they learned in the past year including admitting they may have not been ready for everything that was planned, but they see it as growth and a positive for the future.

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Broadtree is a Canadian pop-country duo made up of theatre performers Armand Antony & Nicole McCafferty