March 30, 2023

Brett Kissel: The N.E.W.S

Tobin welvcomes Canadian Country Singer, Brett Kissel to the show to talk about his latest album , The Compass Project, the evoloution of country music and his Cattle Ranch.

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Tobin welcomes Canadian Country singer, Bret Kissel to the show. Brett talks about his latest project, The Compass Project which consists of 44 songs being released on four different albums, each album having a particular theme. The two discuss the South and East portions of the project and Brett discusses the difference between a song made for radio versus a song he may enjoy doing.

Brett also talks about the evolution of country music and how he believes it has a positive impact on the genre. We also play some random questions where we find out who Brett thinks should pay on a date and what are some of his red flags.


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Brett Kissel


Brett Kissel is a Canadian country singer. He has had four number-one hits on the Canadian country chart with "Airwaves", "Drink About Me", "A Few Good Stories", and "Make a Life, Not a Living". Kissel has released the albums, Started with a Song (2013), Pick Me Up (2015), We Were That Song (2017), Now or Never (2020), What Is Life? (2020), and The Compass Project (2023).