April 13, 2022

Bailey Jordan-Neil: Set at a Bar, Admire from a Far

Bailey Jordan- Neil talks about the struggle of being a independent artist during the pandemic, moving away from Newfoundland at 17 and we compare being a musician to being a podcaster.

Tobin chats with Newfoundland singer-songwriter, Bailey Jordan-Neil. The two talk about the similarities and differences between podcasting and being a musician. Some similarities include entertaining an audience, working on your craft, and having a setlist.

Bailey opens up about being an independent artist during the pandemic and how tough it was to find spots to do shows and keep on top of life. He also explains moving from Newfoundland at 17 to pursue his dream of music and having a supportive family along the way. I mean REALLY supportive.

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Bailey Jordan-Neil


Bailey Jordan- Neil is a Newfoundland acoustic pop singer and songwriter.