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Nov. 19, 2020

Isabel Ritchie & Jeremy Drury: Saved by The Strumbella Years

  Tobin welcomes Isabel Ritchie and Jeremy Drury of the Strumbellas to the podcast.  The two talk about how the band formed,  how they got into their instruments, for Isabel, the violin, and for Jeremy the drums and they chat about making an album in COVID. 

  Tobin also enlights Jeremy on the College Years of Saved By The Bell,  therefore it's already a must-listen. 


Isabel Ritchie Profile Photo

Isabel Ritchie


Isabel Ritchie is a violinist based in Toronto. Classical, country, bluegrass, Celtic... she does it all. She is better known as one of the members of the Canadian band, The Strumbellas.

Jeremy Drury Profile Photo

Jeremy Drury


Jeremy Drury is a Canadian Drummer in the band, The Strumbellas.
Before joining The Strumbellas, Drury spent almost 10 years in and out of various bands in Toronto's club scene, playing with indie, alt-rock, folk, and punk groups. He lets this melting pot of influences show in his songwriting. From The Travelling Wilburys to Propagandhi and Fred Eaglesmith to Pink Floyd, the result is a folk-rock sound leaning into the alternative that occasionally sticks it's toes in Americana, structured with a pop sensibility, complete with big hooks and sing-along choruses.