Aug. 5, 2020

Cathy Jones: The Back Bone of 22 Minutes

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   Tobin is joined by the hilarious, Cathy Jones from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  Cathy talks about getting into comedy with the help of her brother,  Andy and how that lead her to be on CODCO and The Wonderful Grand Band which eventually lead to herself and Mary creating This Hour Has 22 Minutes. 

  Cathy also explains her relationship with Mary Walsh, and how she came up with the characters she played and we have a conversation about introverts and extroverts.  It's a fun time had by all, just be aware,  there may be swearing. 

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Cathy JonesProfile Photo

Cathy Jones


Cathy Jones is a Canadian actress, comedian and writer. She is known for her work for 28 years on the Canadian television series This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Jones left the show in 2021