May 13, 2020

Carleton Stone: Avengers of Halifax

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Tobin chats with Carleton Stone of Port Cities. Carleton explains how the band came together, the departure of Breagh MacKinnon, and how it took years of performing at small bars before learning how to own a room.  The two discuss the impact of East Coast Music on the industry and the mark it left on their lives, and Carleton explains the importance of fellow songwriters like Gordan Sampson on his career. 

  Tobin also teases Carleton about creating a new band name, will it go over well?

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Carleton StoneProfile Photo

Carleton Stone


Carleton Stone is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. After recording three albums as a solo artist, Stone has most recently joined forces with musicians Dylan Guthro and Breagh Mackinnon to form the pop band Port Cities.