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Nov. 19, 2019

Rachel Cousins: Newfoundland's Rising Star

  Tobin welcomes fellow Newfoundlander and Singer/Songwriter  Rachel Cousins to the show.  The 18-year-old rising star talks about her journey in the music industry,  her album, doing shows overseas, and why and how she got into music.

   In this episode, you'll notice our accents and I find out I have girl-like tendencies when it comes to cleaning/ organizing my room.  But I feel I'm not the only guy who does this, just one of the few to actual state they do.   Check It Out. 



Rachel Cousins Profile Photo

Rachel Cousins


Rachel Cousins is a singer-songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada. She made her debut in her teens with guitar based, folk-esque original songs written with legends on her home base of Newfoundland. Her songs continue to place on a top 100 East Coast music list. In 2020 two songs were included, one at #2 and one at #12.