March 15, 2017

2. Heather Rankin: A Fine Line Podcast

2. Heather Rankin: A Fine Line Podcast

   Episode One was fun, so we decided to keep it going.  In this episode of Tobin Tonight, we welcome another member of the Rankin Family clan who also decided to try her hand at a solo career.   The One, and Only Heather Rankin. 

    With the Juno's being in Ottawa and Heather nominated for a Juno and an East Coast Music Award, we asked the tough questions like which she prefers the most?  Especially considering this was her first time nominated as a solo act.  She has  won six Juno Awards, three Canadian Country Music Awards, an American Country Music Television Award and fifteen East Coast Music Awards, all with the Rankin Family. 

     Heather also discusses the making of her latest record, A Fine Line and we discuss the loss of her sister Raylene, who she was very close to.  

    All of this and we find out how some of the Rankin's got their nicknames like Cookie, you won't believe what Heathers was/is.  Listen in to find out. 

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