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Feb. 24, 2021

Paper Jackets: The Blue Shell Episode

Tobin welcomes James, Jonny, Aimee and Emily of Paper Jackets to the show.   We talk about the band name,  how they all met and how they each got into music and life during COVID. 

The band also learns something new about Jonny, does it break up the band? Can they forgive him? Stay tuned to find out. 

This was the first interview we did with streamyard and with more than two people.   There is some lag due to connection issues but hope you enjoy the episode. 


Paper Jackets Profile Photo

Paper Jackets


Paper Jackets was formed in 2016 as each musician was rotating through a number of Sunset Strip jam nights. What started as a few random meetings and sessions has since blossomed into a six-piece group consisting of Mason, Emily Dickinson (keyboard, live backing vocals), Jonny Vesely (guitar), Miles Franco (bass, live backing vocals), David Allen (drums) and Aimee Proal (vocals). After releasing the EP Don’t Lose Your Head in 2018, Mason & co. grabbed opening slots for Bishop Briggs and the X Ambassadors, and haven’t slowed down since.