Feb. 10, 2021

104. Natalie MacMaster: Fiddler and the Spoons

104. Natalie MacMaster:   Fiddler and the Spoons

 In this episode of Tobin Tonight,  Tobin chats with the great, Natalie MacMaster.  Natalie has numerous awards under her belt.  She has several Artist of the Year awards from the East Coast Music Association, two Juno Awards for best instrumental album and has won Fiddler of the Year from the Canadian Country Music Association.  She has been honoured with the Order of both Canada and Nova Scotia as well, not to shabby for a girl from Troy, Nova Scotia.   

  Tobin and Natalie talk about how she got into fiddling, the sucess it has brought her, and how its has such a huge impact on the East Coast lifestyle.  Natalie disccuses how she has taken what she has learned through the process and has passed it down to her children as well.  

  Natalie also opens up about having a child with down syndrome and making them feel included and what lessons and memories she wants her kids to have when she is gone.  So check out the episode!

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