Feb. 22, 2023

Raynes: A Durham Man Meets Two North Dakotans

Tobin chats with Joe, Mark and Mat of the band, Raynes about their latest single, "Drive You Back Home" and how the band was created.

Tobin welcomes Mat Charley, Joe Berger, and Mark Race of the band, Raynes to the show. The trio talks about their path to creating the band, the challenges of being a band during COVID (especially when one member is overseas) and they talk about their latest single, "Drive You Back Home".

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Raynes is a British-American trio formed in 2017. Mat Charley and Joe Berger, both born and raised in North Dakota, met in college, where Mat––a producer and multi-instrumentalist––was usually skipping class to write songs. They added Mark Race, a native of Durham, UK after months of searching and thus began the formation of the band.