March 1, 2023

Ed the Sock: This Episode Socks

Tobin chats with Ed the Sock on New Music Now, Ed's time at Much Music and the Canadian Television scene.

Tobin welcomes Ed the Sock to the show. Ed talks about how he wound up working at Much Music and what eventually caused him to leave. It was not the food. Ed talks about his New Music Now project and how it will be running on Roku and the Canadian Television Industry and how it differs from the United States and not in a good way.

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Ed the Sock

Music VJ

Ed the Sock is a sock puppet character, created and voiced by Steven Joel Kerzner, who first appeared on Canadian local cable television in 1987. He is best known for his hosting appearances in the 1990s on MuchMusic and his own late-night talk show, Ed's Night Party. He is a gray sock puppet with green hair, round eyes, a scowl, a cigar, and a rough, gravelly voice.