• Laura Walker

    In this episode of Tobin Tonight, we check in on Canadian Curler, Laura Walker.  How is she handling being in the Curling Bubble with Husband and newborn?  How is she keeping busy?  Has she binged watched any new shows? 

         We also have some serious conversations involving Curling for the basic of fans like myself,  questions like, how does one even get involved in curling or hear about it? How do you create a team?  How do you become as great as Laura Walker? 

        Laura also has some fun explaining her chose of mixed doubles partners, what she still wants to accomplish and has some advice for curling fans, simply just let them curl.  Check out the episode here. 

  • Jenna Nation

      In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes R&B Singer Jenna Nation to the show.  The two talk about how Jenna came up with the name,  her new song Roses and about being Canadian.   

      Jenna also explains how due to apps like Spotify, soundcloud, iTunes and internet radio she has found and built a following outside of Canada.  Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Check out this podcast an learn something new. 

  • Justin Kelly

       In this episode of Tobin Tonight, we welcome Jusin Kelly from the show, Hudson and Rex on the podcast. You may also remember him as Noah on Family Channels, The Latest Buzz (it does get mentioned).

      Justin talks about how he got cast on the show, coming to Newfoundland for the first time, working with a dog on the show and we tease about a Jesse spinoff and much much more. Check out this fun interview !

  • Sally Shaar

       In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, we welcome Sally Shaar of the Canadian rock band, Monowhales.   Sally talks about the new album the band is putting out,  and the song All or Nothing.  

       Tobin and Sally take a virtual walk down memory lane remembering the days of MSN, Habbo Hotel,  Neopets and of course MySpace.  They talk about the times before PR reps for bands and how bands were essentially their own promoters in the digitial age. 

        Hey, if you like retro 90's talk with an easy going fun personality who also sings in a band,  you have VERY distinctive tastes but WE got you covered. 

  • George Stroumboulopoulos

       In Episode 85 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with the Host of The Strombo Show, the man himself, George Stroumboulopoulos.   The two chat about the glory Days of Much Music,  The Hour and of course Hockey Night in Canada.   It's almost an hour long interview but never a dull moment especially if you grew up loving Much Music and wanted to know more about why George left the HNIC team. 

    Check it Out. 

  • Mike Ruby

       In Episode 79 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Toronto born singer, Mike Ruby to the podcast.  Mike talks about his new EP, "You Wrote These Songs",  his love of John Mayer and how his background in jazz has helped him further his career. 

       Mike and Tobin also talk about life in Canada v.s America and share a few laughs with some stories of their experiences being Canadian. 

    Listen In and Enjoy

  • Martina Ortiz Luis

       In Episode 49, Tobin chats with Martina Ortiz Luis. We find out how she got the job with the Leafs, how her father played a part in it and how she gets nervous AFTER she does the anthem. 

    We also find out what other interests Martina has as a 16 year old and what she hopes to be doing in the future. 

    So check out the episode and stay until the very end as you'll hear Martina's song, "Now I Gotta Know About You"


  • Paul Hunter

       In Episode 47 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes CBC Foreign Correspondant, Paul Hunter to the show.  Paul talks about his upbrining in North York, he's passion for journalism and how it led him from Wingham, Ontario to Washington, D.C. 

      He also discusses covering Donald Trump, U.S stories and other world events he has covered over the years. 

    Plus he gives some advice to journalists starting off in the field OR wanting to get started so get enlightened as Paul Hunter is this weeks guest on Tobin Tonight

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