• Bad Child

       In this episode of Tobin Tonight,  Canadian Singer/Songwriter Bad Child joins us to talk his latest song and album.  We also chat about losing his mom at a young age and how music was his way of coping with the pain and finding a way out from the dark times. 

    Check out the full episode here

  • Lisa LaFlamme

      In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with the very talented CTV Senior Chief Correspondent and News Anchor, Lisa LaFlamme. Lisa talks to us about her career, how she began in the industry, her start at University of Ottawa (I held back my anger) and we find out her favorite interviews and somethings we don't know about Lisa.

       Lisa also talks about jumping to Canada AM in 2001 and how the events of 9/11 brought her right back into reporting.  It's a good episode but hey I'm bias when it comes to my own podcast. 

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