My name is Bryan Tobin. I am a proud Newfoundlander who has interviewed some of  the biggest and up and coming names in Canadian Pop Culture and World Wide.  

    We have welcomed acts like Max Kerman (Arkells) , James Duthie (TSN) , Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Rick Mercer ( Rick Mercer Report/ 22 Minutes) and others on the show. 

   The podcast consists of questions about the acts career, upcoming projects and just general questions I am interested in.  It's a fun light hearted interview filled with laughs and good conversation. 
   The episodes usually run for 20-30 minutes and can be found on spotify, apple, google, youtube and tobintonight.com.  

  I am a person with a disability who suffered a stroke/seizure at 14.  I have always wanted to find a job in the media/entertainment business since watching SNL and Conan O’Brien.  It’s still a dream of mine.  I graduated with a Communications Degree, A Sports Journalism Diploma and a Radio Broadcast Diploma.  I have interned with CBC, CTV, and Ottawa Sun. 

 To close it off, I hope you enjoy the episodes and subscribe to the show. 


The podcast began back in 2015 in a small studio at Algonquin College in Ottawa.  It was (at the time) an internship project after my internship with Global Toronto seemed to go nowhere. 

Over the years it has developed into a very easy going conversation between me and the guest.  We talk about their career, their upcoming or current projects and I ask questions about the act that I always wanted to ask them. 

The conversations usually run anywhere between 20-45 minutes by phone, skype, zoom and are uploaded Wednesday across all our platforms. 

It's like a Tinder Date but you actually show up and learn something.

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